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December 29, 2014 Comments (0) Seattle House

Industrial Pipe Shelf & Desk – Before, During & After

Blogging Day 6:

Today’s blogging efforts were a bit de-railed by a pretty huge snow storm that hit the Boulder area (well, huge for a girl from Seattle).  A snowed in day sounds perfect for blogging, no?  Well, it is unless you’ve also committed yourself to painting the dining room and all you need to do is get the gallon of paint from Home Depot.  Well, let’s just say the dining room is on it’s way and it’s a late night blog entry.  But, I’m working on the work habit thing right now so post I shall….

The first step in getting to making the awesome pipe shelves was to get rid of our old space.  It started out as a formal living room and office.  We knew in the first 30 seconds of seeing the house before we even bought it that we would one day make these two rooms into one huge space.  The wall where our (future) Industrial Pipe Shelving space would be, started off as a sad, lonely wall in a dark, dark room.  See?WP_20131031_08_24_02_Pro.jpgThe wall in between the two rooms cut the space in half, made each room very small and just not what a young family of 5 would ever really use.  We NEVER went into the “formal” living room (where I was standing when I took the photo above) and if we had to use the office (that dark cave looking room on the other side of the wall), we would run in and out as fast as we could just to get out of the dark cave that it was.

Here’s a “During” Photo:

IndustrialshelvestapedBetter, right?  Note the big ugly half wall dividing the two rooms is gone and it’s now a nice, big bright room.  We wanted to make sure we had the general feel of where we wanted the pipe shelves to go.  It’s a really wide and long room so the scale was pretty important.  We originally thought we would have three shelves and the desk (with computer). But, after taping we added the fourth shelf which you can see at the top right of the shelves and we decided to go for it.  I wanted space to put my “pretty things” and that seemed as good a spot as any.  We lived with the taped off mural for a few days to make sure we had them lined up where we wanted in the room.  We were offsetting the space with the shelves, a cabinet that would go to the right and a large hanging chair on the left so placement was key.

And here is the AFTER:IMGM2137-e1a-PrintIt turned out to be one big, bright creative room.  You can see that we made a matching desk to go under the pipe shelves as well.  There are also two more on the adjoining tan wall (not shown).  My next post will outline the process we went through for measuring, shopping for and building the pipe shelves and desks.

All in all, we saved a ton of money and got a custom shelf and desk system for a very big room for just a few hundred dollars and some hours spent in our own labor.  It was a fun project for my husband and I to work on together as he is a detail guy (Engineer) and I’m more of the creative one with color matching, height, scale etc.  He kept me honest on measurements and purchases when I thought I’d lose my mind in the Home Depot plumbing department.  Tomorrow, more on the nice folks at Home Depot and how they can help you on this project, too!



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