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December 18, 2014 Comments (0) Morning Musings

A life relocated

Moving provides a lot of firsts.  I am pretty sure “first blog post” isn’t on most moving checklists.  However, I find myself doing just that.  I’m starting this blog as a first step in my new adventure that includes: relocating from Seattle to Boulder, starting a home renovation and design company, and yes… a Blog.

But why set up a blog NOW?  That’s a fantastic question!  In relocating across the country, I found myself searching for moving checklists.  I am a checklist kind of girl.  I was pretty disappointed in the resources that I was able to find.  Perhaps the standards of aforementioned checklists was too high.  Or… maybe this is something that busy people actually need and no one has put it all in one spot.  Moving checklists, things to think about when moving across the country, things to consider when moving with kids.  And a husband.  And all of your crap.  Across the country.  And then there’s the stuff to be done once you show up – bank accounts, schools to register, sports to enroll, the list is endless! Yes, more checklists!

I heard so many times from friends of mine that “it’s a lot to do”, which was sweet but not altogether helpful.  So, I’ve still got the checklist and I figured I would put it into the “interwebs” as my Grandma still calls it and maybe it will be helpful for someone out there one day.  Or maybe I’ll just use it again next time we move, which will hopefully be never because moving is NOT high on my happy list!

But, this blog will be more than checklists.  Relocating and moving in and out is just one part settling into a new house.  Then comes the part where you get to make it your HOME.  For me, that’s really the fun part. I want this blog to be a resource for making your house a home.  I’ve already got my paints picked out, figured out when the best time to paint is (give you a hint, it’s not after the movers show up!) and have Pinterest boards started for some fun new spots in this house.  I really believe each house has its own personality and when you move in, you get to have fun figuring out how to best take advantage of each of those new quirks.  Just like pets, homes are unique.  Sure, they all have six walls but they’re really not the same are they?  Well, that’s where we get to have fun!

When I get really crazy, I’ll even post pictures of the house I am going to remodel, fix up and make into a beautiful house for someone else.  Then, they get to make it a home and build their crazy lives in it.  But, I’m going to enjoy the heck out of getting it started for them with some really cool features inside and outside that house so they can’t wait to move in and call it theirs.

But for today, I need to figure out how to get my header to not take up 1/3 of my home screen.  And then I need to go get a driver’s License for the lovely state of Colorado.  And then go pick up the kids.  And then get that checklist up!

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